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Your company works hard to create a world-class web destination, and it’s only natural you and your editors want to protect your brand and your user experience.

Discover why Adblade is a premium publisher’s first choice. With a careful screening to ensure brand-safety, strong controls, and premium ad units that attract the best brands, Adblade helps you grow your revenue and retain peace-of-mind at the same time.
Grow Your Revenue
Adblade’s full suite of monetization solutions will help you grow revenue by attracting top advertisers, as well as help monetize inventory that’s not currently generating revenue. Adblade’s proprietary technology can provide you a roadmap of CPM values for every placement within your owned and operated inventory.
Adblade grow your revenue
Adblade standard and advanced ad units
Standard and Advanced Ad Units
With Adblade, you can meet all display ad requirements, including standard IAB units, as well as Adblade’s proprietary NewsBullets® -- a premium unit that delivers 3x better performance.
Be a Part of a 100% Brand-Safe Network
AdSafe has awarded Adblade its highest possible brand-safety rating. Our strong reputation makes us a top choice for premium advertisers, which means you can expect top brands to purchase your inventory.
Adblade strong sales controls
Strong Sales Controls
Adblade gives you the controls you need to protect your inventory. You can block advertisers to whom your sales force sells directly, plus, Adblade enforces brand-safety-controls across the entire network, so you never have to worry about inappropriate advertisers buying your inventory.
Robust Reporting
Get detailed insight into the value of your inventory. Compare how sites or sections perform, and identify price trends that will help you set CPMs that reflect market demand. Real-time reporting, provides number of impressions shown, click-through rate, cost-per-action, cost-per-click, and a robust suite of other key metrics.
Adblade robust reporting
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