Adblade Releases New, Improved Advertiser and Publisher Interface

Adblade releases completely new interface for both advertisers and publishers with improved design.

May 3, 2013 – New York, NY - Adblade, the Web's largest premium content-style ad platform online, today announced its new advertiser and publisher interface. By soliciting feedback from its users, Adblade has redesigned its interface with the goal of making account management faster, clearer and more intuitive. The system's main improvements are:
  • Extremely user-friendly with intuitive navigation
  • Higher contrast design that's easier to read
  • Clear pop-ups that display important information
"We're always looking to improve the usability of our system for our clients," said Ash Nashed, CEO of Adblade. "We spoke with many of our agency and Fortune 500 clients and got feedback from them to improve the system. Our early beta testers were thrilled with the new design and we are happy to roll out the system to all our users."

The new interface is part of a larger product roadmap for Adblade. The company will be launching several new products in the coming months.

About Adblade

Adblade, the only premium content-style ad platform online, works with hundreds of premium distribution partners on behalf of thousands of advertisers. Adblade reaches more than 200 million users a month according to comScore, and is rated by Integral Ad Science as one of the most brand safe ad networks in the US. For more information visit